Friday, 31 July 2009


Woke up to an overcast day. Ryan was in to work. We left Katy mowing the lawns and drove into Hyannis to look at tumble driers. The old one has died and would cost too much to repair so the new one should be arriving next Thursday. It began to rain on the way home, so we waited for it to stop before taking down the swing in the garden (as its support has come adrift from the tree) and hanging up the bird feeders. I had brought one of these with me from England, as the birds there didn't seem to like this particular one, which holds only thistle seeds and is really just for finches to feed from, so we'll have to wait and see if we have got finches in Sandwich. Katy is optimistic. Pat also fixed the retractable washing line to the house which we had bought. No birds have found them yet, but they've only been up for a couple of hours and it was getting quite late. Katy then went off to Polar Cave for her shift and Ryan collected his friend Al (the one who was in Japan when they were there for Adam's wedding) who ate with us and is hanging out here for the rest of the evening. Pat hit a few golf balls on the driving range at Holly Ridge golf club, round the corner. Sitting watching TV now.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Yes Mum I have got both your comments. Everything seems to be working on the blogging. Night night.

All together

Ryan and Katy got home about 3am this morning. Needless to say we had gone to bed. They surfaced late morning looking a bit dishevelled, after a weeks camping. Pat & I went down to the bank (as I had managed to lock my pin on my card) while they had a shower. On our return they looked a lot fresher. Katy's hair has changed from blue to green and is a perfect match for her dressing gown.

I have just tried to make a coffee and walnut cake but it was a disaster! It didn't rise. Don't really know why, except that I made it the old fashioned way as I don't have a food processor here yet! Pat was very disappointed. We are going off to Hyannis later then we are going out for dinner tonight.

Katy is lending us her car for a few days, to drive up to Maine to meet up with Peter and Jane on their boat at Boothbay harbour. If you have been reading their blog you'll see that they have already arrived there. We will be heading out early next Monday mornng. bfn Pat & Lynn

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Safe and sound

Arrived safely last night after a good journey, apart from a 40 minute delay in Zurich. The migraine tablets did the trick again and I was fine. Swiss air was great and we even got the emergency door seats with loads of legroom on the long flight. We had to get an underground train (like something in a James Bond film) to get from the terminal out to our departure gate. Food was excellent with lots of free drinks, swiss chocolate and even lovely strawberry ice-cream! We got through immigration quite quickly and Ellen was there waiting for us at the airport in Boston. Arrived in Sandwich about 11.00 pm USA time. We have slept for four or five hours but then were wide awake and so up quite early. It is hot and very muggy at the moment. We are off to the shops in a minute to buy some food. Ryan and Katy are due back late tonight. Talk to you soon.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Diamond Couple

Diamond Graduation

This is the first day of my effort to create a Blog of my own, after Katy has been doing it for years and our friends Peter and Jane have one all about their sailing trip.