Sunday, 23 August 2009

The finished room

We have finished at last! Well we thought we had. As there has been an extension lead trailing from the downstairs bedroom, to the fridge in the basement for the last three years, the door has never actually been closed properly. When the room was finished today Pat cut a little notch out of the door frame, so that the lead could go through the frame, we discovered that the door won't actually shut! It is too big! So yet another job to sort out. Don't know if we'll manage it before we leave though as we haven't got a plane.
We bought some exterior masonry paint today to smarten up the outside of the house where the ground has been dug out. I've given it one coat and it looks a lot better. Tomorrow we'll finish off outside and then sit back and admire our handiwork.

1 comment:

  1. The downstairs bedroom looks very nice,I haven't been able to get hold of Jean,but I knew the name of the undertakers so I rang them and explained I was a family friend,she said Jean is staying with a neighbour,so I asked if the arrangements had been made yet and she it has to go to the coroner so it will be next week.Have a good trip back dont forget to take your tablet.Ring me as soon as you get back please love Mumxxx