Monday, 24 August 2009

Our last full day

I have finally finished the cross stitch embroidery, which I have been working on each summer, for the past three years. All our building and decorating is done (Keith just put some longer screws in the hinges on the door and they pulled the door over enough for it to close. I gave the concrete a second coat of paint, cut the lawn, got a piece of glass made to fit onto the window ledge in the downstairs bedroom. Pat did some finishing off around the window and put down the marble stones. We need several more bags, which Keith is going to get for us tomorrow morning. I'll take some final pictures of the outside, in the morning when they have been put down and post them on the blog before we leave.
Katy is mot working tomorrow so we'll probably just have a quiet day. We'll attempt to have a long lie in if we can. Our flight is at twenty to ten in the evening, and we are due to land in Birmingham from Zurich at 1pm on Wednesday. Neither of us are ready to come home, but needs must!
Mum, as long as George's funeral is before Thursday, next week, we will both come over to Bednall and take the two of you. If it's after that, I have to be back in school, but Pat will take you. You will obviously be upset, so we'd be happy to drive you and also to pay our respects, as well.

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  1. The room looks lovely,thanks for the offer to take us to Georges funeral. I may be busy on Wed when you arrive so if you can't get me don't worry I will ring you Love Mumxx